Psychedelics Committee

Meet The Chairs

Kirsten Krose

Kirsten Krose

Committee Co-Chair


Kirsten is a skilled and experienced communications professional, who specializes in strategic communications, public policy, public relations, campaign management and stakeholder relations.

She has held positions in the Office of the Prime Minister, where she worked in communications and engaged with stakeholders, the federal Office of the Minister of International Cooperation, and as a special assistant to a Member of Parliament, where she managed stakeholder meetings and conducted research to support committee participation.

Dr. Ian Rabb

Dr. Ian Rabb

Committee Co-Chair


Dr. Ian Rabb is one of the most recognized and respected leaders in Addiction Treatment in Canada today. Ian is a certified Interventionist and addictions specialist who has helped thousands of people overcome addiction. In his 20 years of sobriety, he has founded Two Ten Recovery and Destiny House — Winnipeg’s only sober living housing organization. Ian was the visionary founding member of other recovery centres in Manitoba and most recently held the position of Director of Business Development at Edgewood Health Network. Prior to his work in addiction treatment Ian was a practicing Doctor of Optometry.

What is the Psychedelics Committee?


Dear CACCF Members,

Chaired by Dr. Ian Rabb, and Kirsten Krose, the Psychedelics committee is working on the task of issuing guidance and creation of Canada’s first Psychedelics certification for counsellors, attendants and support staff.

The committee will first meet on Monday, October 17th at 9pm EST via zoom. However if you miss the meeting, you can sign up and join anytime! If you’re interested in volunteering on the committee, please fill out our Committee Sign Up form.

We can’t wait to see you and have you be a part of something so big!

Committee Members:

Abdul Gilzay

Alex Pley

Amanda Loura

Amber Skiczek

Angela Seaward

Anya Gross

Ashleigh Pratt

Ashley Trempe

Audrey Aarssen

Barb Metcalfe

Barb Pineau Turk

Barbara Horner

Bobbi Kerik

Bose Dawodu

Brandon Miller

Brandon Neuman

Brett Gibson

Brianne Flaherty

Brittney Hatton

Bruce Jensen

C S Doyle

Carissa Lyn Seitz

Carla Devlin

Carrie-May Siggins

Cassandra Dauphin

Celeste Price

Cheryl Snyder

Christina Chute

Corey Wilson

Craig Anderson

Craig Dion

Danielle McCarron

Dave Vollrath

Dean Anderson

Derrick Lilllico

Diane Guy

Don Moran

Donovan Bruce

Dr. Habnom Gdey

Ekhlas Ahmed

Enyinnaya Prince

Eva Torresan

Frank Tety

Gary A Edwards

Gebrielle Joy

Geetha Devi Harjeet

Geneva Moreau

Greg Clarke

Jacqueline Roth

Jade Lyons

James Kalimina

Jasmine Wood

Jeffory Lucas

Jennifer Bitzer

Jennifer Caven

Jeremy Williams

Jessica Bremner

Jhilmil Singh Yaduvanshi

Jillian Puls

Jim Kragtwyk

Jim Mason

Joanne Haskin

Jodi Johnston

Johnena Kennedy

Jonathan Lo

Kanda Manjeet

Katherine Dr. C

Katty Larocque

Kelli Adams

Kolby Ritter

Kyla Delorey

Laura Pearson

Lauren A Jeffery

Lee Davidson

Lillian Brenda Noskiye

Lori Tarbell

Lornex Mackey

Louise McCarthy

Mackenzie Robson

Madison Wood

Margie Hartley

Marie Damgaard

Melanie Giesbrecht

Michael Lange

Michael Taylor

Morgan Smith

Natsaha Gluth

Nichole Long

Nitin Dadar


Peggy Lee Anonson

Reem Adas

Rhonda Spence

Robin A Haslam

Ronald Anthony Laffin

Rosetta Troia

Ryan Aronson

Salva Shamsi

Sandra Doyle

Sandy Stevens

Sarah Walton

Sarah Warry-Poljanski

Shawna Olson

Shirley Kidd

Sophie Solmini

Stella Malli

Sue Adamson

Sue Snow

Suganja S

Tara Carpina

Tara Saunders

Tim Dickson

Todd Kachuk

Tyler Svadjian

Vanessa M Dupont

Victoria Mrowiec

William Weibel