Curriculum Review Committee

Meet The Chair

Barb Robinson

Barb Robinson

President / Curriculum Review Committee Chair


Barb has been actively involved in developing and delivering training for addictions professionals, community developers, group facilitation and community and addictions counselling for over 32 years. Besides being the current program head and instructor for the Addictions Counselling Program, Barb was instrumental in designing and delivering the first First Nations on-line training program for the front line Mental Health and Addictions Worker program integrating mental health, addictions and First Nations philosophy including the role of traditional medicine in assessment and recovery into an entire program.

What is the Curriculum Review Committee?


Hello CACCF Members,

As you are aware, CACCF reviews Formal Education Providers every 5 years to ensure that their curriculum meets the best practice and updates in the industry so that Canada’s students are receiving the best formal education available to them.

We are in the review season now, and along with the new submissions, we have decided to restart the Curriculum Review Committee!

Chaired by our President Barb Robinson, the committee will meet as needed.

Their Primary functions will be to review the curriculum submissions of College, University, and other formal education submissions to CACFF .

You will be provided with training and will work in both a team and independently.

If education is your passion, please fill out our Committee Sign Up form to express your interest!

As a member of this committee, you will receive 1 CEU hour for each hour you spend doing committee work on our education file and you will also receive a special email signature badge identifying you as a Member of the CACCF Curriculum Review Committee!

We can’t wait to work with you!

Crystal, Barb, & the CACCF Team!

Committee Members:

Abdul Gilzay

Amanda Boychuk

Amanda Sosnowski

Angelo Guzzo

Annabelle Williams

Dr. Anthony Fenton

Bethel Joyeux

Billy Hovris

Carrie Lepine

Christine McNicol

Colleen Allan

Craig Renfrew

David Swanton

Denise Halsey

Dr. Peter Sacco

Emoke (Emi) Tifan Torma

Farouk Timbilla

Fatima Pais

Gary Edwards

Graydon Clipperton

Greg Clarke

Jade Lyons

Jeremy Williams

Jim Tolmie

Laura Paul

Lorena Colbourne

Lynn Trauzzi

Manjeet Kanda

Maria Rusu

Mika Sillanpaa

Patricia Keith

PJ Dallimore

Rachel Kilback

Rajini Tarcicius

Reem Adas

Sarah Tamburri

Sarah Warry-Poljansk

Shannen Lewis

Stacy-Fawn Pegg

Stephen Wells

Steve Jackman

Stevie Chase

Susan Cummings

Tara Saunders

Wiplove Lamb