CCIP Canadian Certified Intervention Professional

Canadian Certified Intervention Professional (CCIP) completed application:

  • Documentation of Education in the domains – 150 hours min.
  • 100 Hours of supervision with a minimum of ten (10) hours in each domain (see Domains below)
  • Portfolio (see below)
  • Read & Sign Consent to Release Information
  • Read & Sign Canon of Ethics Principles
  • You must be an active CACCF member with a valid credential
  • Hold a valid CCAC credential or proof of mental health professional credential in good standing with proof of insurance. If you don’t have it, then you can challenge the CCAC exam.



A portfolio is a collection of personal and professional activities and achievements. This part of the requirement for the CCIP is highly personalized and no two applicants will submit the same documentation.

An applicant will fulfill this requirement by submitting documentation and requirements of the first three mandatory categories.

Supporting documentation can include reports, letters, PowerPoint presentations, transcripts, etc. The applicant should submit what they feel best supports and describes their experiences under the categories. When submitting the documentation, the intervention professional should use the opportunity to highlight the value and commitment to the profession.


MANDATORY CATEGORIES (Must submit all three.)

  1. Narrative on Intervention Modality: A variety of intervention modalities are available to interventionists. To fulfill this category, applicants must submit an essay of no less than 1000 words describing the primary modality they use. If more than one modality is used, please spend equal time describing them. A reference list must be submitted with the narrative, but in text citations are not
  2. Statement of Professional Experience: Respond to the following To fulfill this category, applicants must submit an essay of no less than 1000 words.
    • Describe a success story you have had in your role as an interventionist and what resources (systems, agencies, etc.) have you helped people connect to? How did you apply training as an interventionist to this experience?
    • Describe your areas of expertise related to
    • Briefly describe your strengths and opportunities for improvement in your professional
    • Describe your motivation to work in the field of
  3. Performance Evaluation: Applicants can choose two or more of the areas listed below. Evaluations should highlight the applicant’s abilities as an interventionist, and must be completed within two years prior to the application date. Evaluations must be sent directly to CACCF via email or mail from the person or
    • Copy of an agency
    • Statement from supervisor or colleague evaluating the interventionists
    • Reference letter received from an organization in the behavioral health field that you have worked with. You may not be a current, previous or contracted employee of said organization. The letter must be on organization


  • Intervention Competence
  • Pre-Intervention
  • Intervention
  • Post-Intervention
  • Professional & Ethical Responsibilities