CoP Committee

Meet the Chair

Dean Anderson

Dean Anderson

CoP Committee Chair

Dean is a Canadian Certified Addiction Counselor (CCAC) from London, ON. He currently wears many hats in the addiction and recovery communities including, being a Private Practice Counsellor, MAP Service Provider, Consultant, and NRT Practitioner. His experience includes withdrawal management, residential treatment, peer support, private care, and several volunteering ventures. His dedication to the field is reflected in the multiple committees, programs, and community events he attends. In addition, Dean uses his lived experience to be an advocate for addiction recovery and the removal of stigma through public speaking and educational workshops.

What is a Community of Practice?

A Community of Practice (CoP) is defined as: “A group of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.”1 CoP’s are usually informal, self-organising, and span across departments with members distributed throughout an organisation.

To that end, the purpose of this Solo Practitioners’ Community of Practice is to create a structure that allows our members to promote best practice and build common capability in the provision of quality supports to persons with substance dependency and/or those affected by such behaviours.

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Commitee Members:

Abdul Gilzay

Amanda Boychuk

Barbara Robinson

Beth Joyeux

Brenda Atkin

Brenda Plant

Brenda Sedgwick

Brianne Flaherty

Carol Lowes

Carolle Boivin

Connor O’Reilly

Corrie Mcilveen

David Burns

Denise Halsey

Eileen Maloney-White

Gagandeep Singh Khurme

Heather Moss

Hussein Ossudallah

Ian McGregor

James Bolan

Jeff Brabant

Jeff Lucas

Jefferson Ribout

Jennifer Tsang

Jeremy Williams

Jessica Cooksey

Jim Tolmie

Jody Vassallo

Kim Holmgren

Kye Fox

Lesley Rudling

Leza Matheson

Liana Sullivan

Linda Lane

Lisa Moore

Lisa Saunders

Lisa Watson

Mercy Addo

Noreen Omeasoo

Paul Laurie

Rand Teed

Rosetta Troia

Sandra Jane Glass

Sarah Montes

Sarah Warry-Poljanski

Shawn Rumble

Sheldon Rayner

Sheila Thayer

Stephanie Kehoe

Stephen Wells

Susan Barnes

Susan Cummings

Suzanne Laverdiére

Tammy Purdy

Tara Saunders

Tejinder Singh

Tom Gabriel

William Gilbert Turvey

Zenita Moloo