CCRC Canadian Certified Recovery Coach

Recovery Coach – Provisional

For this you must have completed the one of the two Recovery Coach courses and be working towards the hours for the full certification.

Recovery Coach

• Education 20+ hours
• Experience – coaching 125 hours of which 75 must be paid
• Supervision 25 hours

This certification must be re-certified every year by submitting proof of 20 CACCF approved continuing education hours. Continuing Education Units must be directly related to recovery coaching activities.

Direct Training:

Currently, there are 3 approved trainers (Still Here, ORCA Optimal Recovery Coach Associates, InnerStart Training and Education) Each of these trainers are approved trainers for full programming and any participant who wishes to take another course can apply to have that course approved by us just by contacting us at [email protected] however to be noted this course must be pre-approved by us PRIOR to starting it. We cannot guarantee non approved courses will be accepted.

Exceptions can be made for Provincial or Federal training programs. Please contact [email protected] for exceptions. Training varies per provider. Some can be completed in an in-person model, some hybrid and some virtual only. Each participant should endeavor to complete their own research so that they can choose the pre-approved program that is right for them as an individual.

Training Links/Costs:

ORCA Optimal Recovery Coach Associates: – Approximately $2000 + tax

Still Here: – Approximately $1495

InnerStart Training and Education: