This certification is reciprocal with other IC&RC member boards.

Work Experience

The applicant must have 5 years (10,000 hours) of counselling experience as an alcohol and drug counsellor. The clinical work experience required is the equivalent of 2 years (4,000 hours) of documented clinical supervisory experience and must include the provision of 200 contact hours of face-to-face clinical supervision. These 4,000 hours may be included in the 10,000 hours of counselling experience required. Candidates have up to 4 years to complete this requirement.


The applicant must have 30 documented hours of education in clinical supervision. This must be in the performance domains for any or all of the following: Assessment and Evaluation, Counsellor Development, Professional Responsibility, and Management/Administration.


Having met the basic requirements the candidate will:

  1. You must be an active CACCF member with a valid credential.
  2. Submit a Portfolio Application that outlines work experience, education, supervised clinical training, written case presentation, a signed Canon of Ethics and the applicable administrative fee.
  3. Pass a written examination based on the Twelve Core Functions that has been approved by the IC&RC.


This certification must be re-certified every year by submitting proof of 20 CACCF approved continuing education hours.