CCS-AC Canadian Clinical Supervisor - Addiction Counsellor

$300.00 + Tax

Work Experience

Applicant must have 800 hours providing direct clinical supervision in the past 5 years. Must have at least 4000 hours of verifiable addictions work in the past 5 years.


The applicant must have 30 documented hours of education in clinical supervision. This must be in the performance domains for all of the following: Assessment and Evaluation, Counsellor Development, Professional Responsibility, and Management/Administration.

Supervised Clinical Training

This certification must be re-certified every 2 years by submitting proof of 40 CACCF approved continuing education hours.


Applicants must:

  1. Have an active CACCF membership in good standing. If you don’t have one, please click here to apply through our Membership page.
  2. Hold a current Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor certification (CCAC)
  3. Submit a Portfolio Application that outlines work experience, education, supervised clinical training, a signed Canon of Ethics and the applicable administrative fee.