CPGC Canadian Problem Gambling Counsellor

**NEW** Please keep in mind all information pertaining to CPGCB applies with CACCF. Thank you!


  • CACCF recognizes specialized skills, knowledge, and experience in problem gambling counselling. Certification ensures problem gambling clients and their families that they receive quality assistance from ethically sound, trained, and experienced counsellors who specialize in problem gambling.
  • CACCF is a link to a growing network of quality education and research within the field of problem gambling within Canada. To assist problem gambling counsellors, maintain their standards of skill and knowledge, allows trainers and educators to have their courses, workshops and conference materials advertised, pre-approved and made available to certified Canadian Problem Gambling Counsellors through our website.
  • Canadian Problem Gambling Counsellors are often eligible to receive discounted rates on gambling specific workshops and conferences.



  • All applicants must meet the Standards Criteria set by CACCF. Any individual working in the field of problem gambling counselling may apply to become certified a Canadian Problem Gambling Counsellor (CPGC).
  • This designation may be applied for by those counselling both problem gamblers and/or their family members.
  • Applicants may include addictions counsellors, social workers, private counsellors, credit counsellors, family and youth counsellors.
  • Canadian and International applicants are welcome to apply for certification



  • Please email us below to request an application
  • Complete your application and submit with a partial fee of $100 (non-refundable)
  • A committee of certified members will review your application and notify you of your results within eight weeks.
  • Upon written approval of acceptance, the balance of $200 is required.
  • Following receipt of payment, you will receive your certification certificate by mail, and will be legally entitled to use the Canadian Problem Gambling Certification, CPGC designation.
  • Initial approval certifies a counsellor for a two-year period. To ensure problem gambling counsellors stay current in their profession, all Canadian Problem
  • Gambling Counsellors must meet the Re-Certification Criteria to maintain their certification status.