Problem Gambling Awareness Month

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month, an annual event to increase public awareness of problem gambling and related prevention, treatment and recovery services.

CACCF recognizes the need to address problem gambling and addictions. We’ve developed a Gambling Addiction Committee, chaired by Shawn Rumble, to move the conversation.

Problem gambling affects many areas of a gambler’s world including physical and mental health, familial and social relationships, employment, and finances. The impact of problem gambling on individuals, families and society has motivated many counsellors to educate themselves in supporting individuals seeking assistance.

The Committee seeks to:

  • Ensuring professional growth through sharing training opportunities
  • Support individuals seeking professional/industry designations
  • Advocate for high standards of ethical practice

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CACCF has also worked with the CPGCB to recognize and certify members who meet the requirements of becoming a Problem Gambling Counsellor. Please visit our Certification pages at these links:

Canadian Problem Gambling Counsellor

Gambling Information Specialist

International Certified Gambling Counsellor