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CEU Information

Continuing Education Hours for Re-certification

Note: Specific supporting documentation must be submitted with re-certification application. It is strongly recommended that pre-approval be submitted to the CACCF before you submit your final re-certification application to avoid delays. This can be done by filling out a CEU Approval form found on our downloads page. This service is FREE for all members attending a CEU looking for re-certification hours.

Up to 50% of the education hours for renewal can be met through the following alternatives to formal education:

  • Teaching - Hours spent researching; designing and developing teaching materials and/or training for educational events specific to or related to substance abuse can be applied as continuing education hours. Twelve (12) hours is the maximum number of hours in teaching/training that can be used every two (2) years.
  • Publishing in a professional journal - Publishing more than 4,000 words in a journal or book in an area related substance abuse can be counted as the equivalent of twelve (12) contact hours.
  • Presenting papers - The hours spent presenting a paper at a conference of licensed professionals can be used as the equivalent of contact hours of continuing education. The number of contact hours applicable is equal to the length of time of the presentation. The maximum hours allowed for a paper presentation is twelve (12).

CEU Process for Members

  • CACCF recommends that certified members submit CEU applications prior to taking a course to ensure that the hours will apply toward the required 40 CEUs for re-certification. CACCF requires 60 days notice for the approval of courses.
  • Both course providers and certified members can apply for CEUs. Certified members do not need to pay the $50.00 fee to have their applications reviewed.
  • Upon submitting a CEU application, CACCF does not require the certificate or letter of attendance but a program brochure or outline of the program objectives and educational methods being used as well as the biographical information on the speakers/presenters as indicated on the form. This ensures that CACCF can determine whether the course material and course speakers/presenters are credible.
  • Afer a CEU Application is approved, CACCF will send a letter of approval to the applicant. The approval letter is to be submitted along with the applicant’s re-certification application and must be accompanied by a certificate or letter of attendance to reflect that the course was completed.

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